Instrumentation Sales

Carolina Technical Services offers instrumentation sales for the municipal water and wastewater industry. Browse below to see our vendors.

AGM Electronics

AGM Electronics products and services are all about data connectivity and controlling processes. It doesn’t matter what the process is, whether the required function is to isolate, amplify, convert, collect, visualize, interface with a process variable, control the process or both, AGM has the solution.


From our U.S. headquarters in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, we design, manufacture, and distribute analytical instruments based on electrochemical and optical sensors. We specialize in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements, continuing to lead the way in development of reliable monitoring systems

AutomationDirect, originally founded as PLCDirect in 1994, has quickly grown from a tiny PLC company to a well-recognized name in the Industrial Automation Market. As the first industrial controls company to successfully use a direct sales catalog for PLC products, is now setting the standard online in industrial control sales.


CITEL is an international group established in 1937 that specializes in the manufacture and sale of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to its worldwide customers. These devices protect sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from destructive transient over voltages originating from lightning strikes and line disturbances.

Endress + Hauser

Endress+Hauser began U.S. operations in 1970, and is now one of the largest instrument manufacturers in the country. Over 80% of our instruments sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S., and sales, service and training locations are available nationwide to support customers.


Providing systems and equipment for liquid flow, level measurement and chemical metering applications. Our rugged, reliable and cost effective products are backed by old fashioned customer service.


Hach’s broad line of instrumentation and chemistries have been carefully crafted for more than 80 years to make water analysis better – faster, simpler, greener and more informative – so you get it right the first time, every time.

HF Scientific

HF Scientific is environmentally inclined in our development and manufacturing process. We produce instrumentation, test kits and chemical reagents used for monitoring water quality in a variety of applications


MicroHard Corporation manufacturers robust radios for the worldwide communications market.


Micrometrix has introduced innovative sensor technologies for measurement and control of water and wastewater treatment processes. The company’s products include the Streaming Current Monitor and Particle Charge Analyzer for coagulant dose control. Micrometrix is a leading supplier of SCD / SCM instruments and specializes in Streaming Current Detectors and Charge Measurement.


Regal™ products are used world-wide for water and waste water treatment using chlorine gas. Municipal, industrial and agricultural industries depend on Regal™ chlorinators for disinfection, bacteria and odor control, and algae and slime removal


Scaletron is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant electronic digital and mechanical scales and accessories.


Sensaphone® has designed and built its full line of innovative remote environmental monitoring systems and early detection products in Aston, Pennsylvania that quickly and effectively provide alerts to problems at your facilities. Over 400,000 systems are in use today around the world with the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Teledyne Isco

Teledyne Isco is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative products designed to increase productivity while improving the quality of life on our planet.

VT Scada

VTScada provides you with a refreshingly intuitive platform for creating highly-customized industrial monitoring and control applications that end users can trust and use with ease. A wide variety of industries around the world use VTScada for mission-critical applications of every size.

Ready To Go Cables

Custom Cables Made Easy. Let us work with you from scratch to building the cable that you need. We will save you money and headaches, our engineers will help you to get the assembly that you need.

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